Now on their second album, Night’s Edge is at the best they’ve every been. The gothic undertones have darkened, the subtle aggression has boiled over, and the hunger is greater than ever.

“The Darkest Side of Dreams” is the strongest music that the band has ever made, and another step in a unique direction. The album has a vision that cannot be found elsewhere within modern music, with a sound that blends the aggression of American metal with the grandeur and beauty of European metal.

Night’s Edge began its journey to create something different in early 2018, and through multiple prior releases and many shows, the band has never been further on its path than now, and the hunt will never end.

Listen to the album. Dive into the aesthetic. Learn the words, come out to a show and believe, in The Darkest Side of Dreams.


“They’ve taken the dramatic anthemic nature of dark radio punk…and fused that with a more flowery, Victorian take on modern hard rock. There aren’t a ton of bands like this out there…” – Rock the Pigeon, Boston MA

“Their new single (Be One Of Us) is a fusion of goth, metal, and alt music, plus some well placed Hey Hey’s that you will find yourself screaming back to…” – The Girls at the Rock Show, Orlando FL

“…Daring, but just the right step in the direction of new, evolved Goth Rock.” – Dark Life Experience, Germany – (translated from German)

“…Each song on the record brings something unique to the table…I didn’t get the feeling that this was a group trying to find their sound, but rather one that knew precisely who they were.” First Angel Media, Pittsburgh PA


More of the Same – the lead single from The Darkest Side of Dreams

Be One Of Us – Released January 1, 2019


Edge of the World – Live 6/22/2018


For booking/business purposes, you can contact the band at nightsedgemusic@gmail.com