Formed in Baltimore in 2018, Night’s Edge has been spending the last nearly four years exploring new corners within dark rock while building a dedicated following with its fluorescent live shows and sing-a-long choruses. The band’s music blends the atmosphere of symphonic and electronic music with the intensity of metal and industrial, without sacrificing accessibility.

Over the band’s lifetime, Night’s Edge has performed throughout the Mid-Atlantic from Fredericksburg, Virginia to Boston, Massachusetts at venues ranging from dive bars to a stage in a convention center. As Baltimore natives, the band has spent many nights performing at venues such as Angel’s Rock Bar, Metro Gallery, and the Ottobar. In August of 2021 the band had their first festival performance when they were invited to perform at Shadow Woods Metal Festival during the festival’s final year.

Night’s Edge had only been together as a band for a year when they released the Wax EP, and six months later the debut album “Shades of Dusk” was out. This debut album was an omen of what the band was capable of, an eclectic mix of genres wrapped into a raw recording. Many of the songs from this album such as “Be One of Us” and “Everyday is Halloween” are mainstays of the band’s live shows.

It would be another 18 months before Night’s Edge followed up “Shades of Dusk”, but in the intermediate the band recorded a monolithic cover of The Moody Blue’s “Nights In White Satin”, adding a slab of doom to the classic song’s lovelorn tones.

The band’s second album, “The Darkest Side of Dreams”, dropped in December 2020. Packed with ambition, hooks, and the right amount of weirdness, the album was a major evolution for the band from anything they had done previously. Songs such as “More of the Same” and “You’re So Incredible” combine aggression, bouncing guitar riffs, and fresh choruses into live performance barn burners while songs like “Let the Right One In” (which featured a band friend and fellow musician, Sarah Stepanik of Sekengard, on vocals and fiddle) displayed a more contemplative side to the band, wrapped into horror story lyrics.

Night’s Edge continues to write and perform at every opportunity they get. The band’s third album is in the works, tentatively scheduled for a December 2022 release. When Night’s Edge comes through your town, cancel your plans for the night, down a few beers, and BE ONE OF US.


“They’ve taken the dramatic anthemic nature of dark radio punk…and fused that with a more flowery, Victorian take on modern hard rock. There aren’t a ton of bands like this out there…” – Rock the Pigeon, Boston MA

“Their new single (Be One Of Us) is a fusion of goth, metal, and alt music, plus some well placed Hey Hey’s that you will find yourself screaming back to…” – The Girls at the Rock Show, Orlando FL

“…Daring, but just the right step in the direction of new, evolved Goth Rock.” – Dark Life Experience, Germany – (translated from German)

“…Each song on the record brings something unique to the table…I didn’t get the feeling that this was a group trying to find their sound, but rather one that knew precisely who they were.” First Angel Media, Pittsburgh PA


Let the Right One In (feat. Sarah Stepanik) – The Darkest Side of Dreams

More of the Same – The Darkest Side of Dreams

Be One Of Us – Released January 1, 2019


Edge of the World – Live 6/22/2018


The Darkest Side of Dreams – December 2020
The Darkest Side of Dreams – December 2020
Nights In White Satin – A Moody Blues cover


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